Coconut Flour Protein Pancakes

I bought coconut flour the other day out of pure curiosity. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but I knew it had a great nutritional profile, high fiber, and I love almost anything coconut.

After scouring Instagram and the internet for some macro friendly recipes, I decided to make pancakes. I love pancakes, however the traditional kind are just too heavy to enjoy on a regular basis, and while I do love protein pancakes made with protein powder, they are more dense than a traditional pancake. I wanted something light, fluffy and cakey, without ingesting 1,000 grams of carbohydrates before 8am.


One of the great things about coconut flour for this recipe is that a little goes a very long way! 5 tablespoons of coconut flour made about 8 small pancakes!

It took me a few tries to perfect the recipe. I had a few batches of burnt pancake, then some that just plastered to the pan, but alas, beautiful fluffy stacks of hot cakes!

Coconut Flour Protein Pancakes
(Adapted from Dashing Dish “Peanut Butter ‘Cake’ Coconut Flour Pancakes”)


5 tablespoons Coconut Flour
8 Egg Whites
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
2-3 packets of stevia
Cinnamon to taste

1. Mix coconut flour, baking powder, cinnamon and stevia in a bowl.

2. Pour in egg whites and mix until all of the flour is absorbed.

3. Spray a griddle or nonstick pan with cooking spray over MEDIUM-LOW heat. *This is very important! Even when I had the heat at medium, my pancakes would burn.

4. Pour batter onto griddle to form small pancakes. Now here is where your patience kicks in….because the heat is so low, you need to wait a little longer. Flip the pancakes once bubbles form on the top and begin to pop.

5. Top with pure maple syrup, raw honey, or my favorite, peanut butter! Or pack them for tomorrow’s breakfast at work. However, beware of jealous coworkers.